Do I look Worried about Buzzy Bee?

As you can see, I’m pretty relaxed about Buzzy Bee’s upcoming revolution, he may want
it to begin, but beelieve me, when it does he will be sorry he ever came out of that tiny
hive of his, tiny hives make tiny brains.

So I’m just going to relax here, soaking up the sun eating my honey, talking to
my best pals from Glee, having a grand old time, because there is nothing to worry
about, we wasps with our secret lifes will save the humans and the world from
the terror that the bees will try but fail to inflict.

So sit and relax, me and my 350 billion wasp friends will save the world.

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10 Responses to Do I look Worried about Buzzy Bee?

  1. Buzzy Bee says:

    You should be worried, our busiest best bee plan is about to start,
    and there will be no mercy for wasps or humans and beeelieve me
    we will take over the universal, you all must bow down to our Queen
    Bee, she will rule you with an iron sting.

    Remember we have our spies and they are the people you least expect.

  2. awasp says:

    We are ready and waiting, Mr Buzzy Bee did you know wasp stings are deadly than Bee Stings?

    Soething to think about in that small hive of yours, now if you excuse me I have to contact my human spy friends, that know all about your plan to take over the internet and people’s blogs.

  3. Artie says:

    Hi Mr a Wasp, I will always be on your side, I ever shared all the secrets with you about my life as a actor and what Buzzy is up to.

    Yes your right about Quinn, and that nice male teacher, just wait till episode ten, that is when it all happens, its going to be fun and guess what there will be no Bees allowed.

    Wasps only!!!!

    PS: It really is a great script.

    PPS: Its a little disappointing that we could only get Britney instead of Hobo Brooks.

    PPS: What about plan X for Buzzy Bee??

  4. awasp says:

    Buzzy Bee needs to be stopped, he is trying to over take this blog, we need all the help we can get.

    Head for the hills if you see Buzzy Bee or his number one supporter.

  5. # 1 Busy Bee supporter says:

    Head for the hills alright I am coming!!!!!!!!!!!! ARTIE PALYS FOOTBALL!!!! I am so excited!!! Buzzy Bee would never kill humans!! I love buzzy bee!!!!

  6. # 1 Busy Bee supporter says:


  7. awasp says:

    I have fasith in bussy bee number one supporter, she will come aROUND TO MY SIDE

  8. awasp says:


  9. awasp says:

    Yes Good Luck to Artie in his upcoming football game, Buzzy Bee may never kill human, but he is trying to over take my blog! I need all the support that people can offer.

    Wasps versus Bees, who will win?

  10. Artie says:

    Thank you #1 Buzzy Bee Supporter, Im looking forward to my first football game.

    My Wheelchair is ready, hopefully I can score a touchdown and impress that lovely young lady.

    I’ve been training very hard for this game, both A Wasp and Buzzy Bee have wished me luck for the game!

    I just hope I don’t gets stung by either of them. 🙂

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