I’ve over taken this blog

Thank you to all my supporters, I have overtaken A Wasp’s Blog,
do not beelieve a word he says. He has lied to you all, he doesn’t
have the power to stop me and all my bee friends.

We would never hurt any humans, we will help humans get their honey
and we wont sting them at all unlike A Wasp would. Think about it,
what do wasps do to help society?

We are ones who make the flowers smell nice, we even have movies made
about us. Has their ever been a movie made about a Wasp? I don’t think
so, I mean who would watch that?? How boring!!!

So I would like to thank our number one supporter and our number one
triple agent spy, Artie Abrams, I only hope our writer friend from
New Zealand will write me into the script.

In the meantime, I’m busy overtaking A Wasp’s blog, thanks to all
for your support.

Buzzy Bee for President!

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4 Responses to I’ve over taken this blog

  1. awasp says:

    Calling all Wasp’s, we must bee alert, this blog is the first thing the bee’s will try and
    take over, we must use our waspy knowledge to beat the bee’s, we also need the human’s help.

    Send in the troops!!!

  2. Artie Abrams says:

    To all Wasps and Bees, you remember to watch me in Glee, the third and tenth episode are written by a great New Zealander and will have you on the edge of your seat.

    Watch for the special guest star!

    Anyway, I have some lines to learn, so I must be off to bed, oh and for my younger fans make sure you do your homework!

  3. Buzzy Bee says:

    I will be watching

    It seems we have defeated all the Wasps’s apart from Mr A Wasp who has gone into hiding? S

    He is up to no good, I must bee alert.

    Meanwhile I’m looking forward to seeing you Artie, it seems just like yesterday there was over 50 days till the first episode.

    So a buzz buzz to all my friends.

    The revolution is working!

  4. Artie Abrams says:

    Hopefully I will make the team in the upcoming episodes.

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