And he is ready to conquer the world, but he needs some trusty humans to help him.

Any Takers???

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8 Responses to BUZZY BEE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

  1. Artie Abrams says:

    Yes, I will support Buzzy Bee and I hope so will all my Glee friends.

  2. Kurt says:

    I will too, and hopefully my man Blaine will also join in on the fun.

  3. Brittany says:

    I love rainbows.

  4. Football Guy says:

    I will help, so I can make amends with my friend Kurt.

  5. Lady Buzz Buzz says:

    I ready to help Buzzy Bee, he needs Lady Buzz Buzz in his plan to conquer earth.

  6. 1gleek says:


  7. Lady Buzz Buzz says:

    NO NO NO NO, Awasp must be punished and so must 1gleek no one must bow down to awasp he is the enemy and will be destroyed, by all.

  8. Buzzy Bee says:

    As you know, I Buzzy bee have overtaken Awasp’s blog, and the war against awasp will go on and on, and im afraid anyone who supports Awasp will be defeated in a gory painful way that is too disturbing for even middle schoolers or high schoolers to know.

    Join Buzzy bee as he marches to victory.

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