A Wasp says “Someone In Mansfield Doesnt Believe Me”

Hello there, I hope your enjoying my blog about the secret lifes of wasps, as MR A Wasp myself, Im a bit dissapointed  that there is a human in Mansfield who doesnt believe me, It took courage for me to come clean about the secret lifes of my fellow wasps, I could of had my wings pulled off by the other wasps, but I wanted to protect you Humans, so if you  dont believe  me, you must believe my best friend who is pictured, would someone from Glee Lie??? He has even been kind enough to leave a comment, just click on comments and see.

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The Secret Lives of Wasps, By A Wasp


In the year 2007, A Wasp broke the code of silence of all wasps, by writing a book that stunned all the Humans that read it. The book  was only read by around 100 humans, including a very cool New Zealander.

The book gave up all the wasp’s secrets, including their wasp prisons, wasp school’s, wasp’s basketball courts, and wasp swimming pools.

Now in 2010, with permission from A wasp himself, the following excerpts have made it online exlusively to this webpage, which is a relief since you won’t find any other information about this book on the web.

Below is the actual writings from A Wasp from his award winning book.

Everything you know about Wasps is false, its a all a plan to fool the Humans as we Wasps intend to take over the world in 2011. We have set up a whole society that you don’t know about, it works like Human Society,  we even have our own version of the NBA, the hoops are a lot smaller, and we have trouble learning how to dunk.

But we do have schools, supermarkets (where we can buy wasp food) we call it the Big B, it’s like your supermarket the Big Y. We buy wasp brownies, they are quite tasty. We also have wasp music on our wasp ipods, we listen to Lady Buzz Buzz, and Garth BUZZZZZ. If you commit a crime as a Wasp you get taken away to a wasp prison in a little Wasp police car, you will also have to wear the little wasp handcuffs, where you will be put into a little wasp cell.

We also have quite a few wasp swim meets, its very difficult to swim as a wasp becasuse our wings get wet, but we manage to do the butterwasp stroke quite well.

We have also built tiny wasp buildings, they are invisble to humans, so don’t try to look for them. We have managed to keep all this secret, but since I am friends with some Humans, I have to let the secret out before it’s too late.

So if you see a Wasp, just buzzing around, dont beleive it, he is just one of  our actors, we really do live in a secret society, or perhaps I just dreamt it all??

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