And he is ready to conquer the world, but he needs some trusty humans to help him.

Any Takers???

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Buzzy Bee is tried

Buzzy Bee is very tried from all his buzzyness.

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Buzzy Bee is happy that Kurt will get a boyfriend

I hope he is a nice to Kurt and treats him right.

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Buzzy Bee is crying over Glee

That was so sad, Kurt’s song “I wanna hold your hand” is lovely.

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Buzzy Bee is Angry and sad he wanted to talk about Glee

Buzzy Bee is not happy, he wanted to talk about Glee, but has been told that he has to
go to work instead.  His stinger is out, and he may have to use it, he is so upset,
although as you know he will never hurt any human. Still hopefully he will get to
talk about Glee next weekend.

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I’ve over taken this blog

Thank you to all my supporters, I have overtaken A Wasp’s Blog,
do not beelieve a word he says. He has lied to you all, he doesn’t
have the power to stop me and all my bee friends.

We would never hurt any humans, we will help humans get their honey
and we wont sting them at all unlike A Wasp would. Think about it,
what do wasps do to help society?

We are ones who make the flowers smell nice, we even have movies made
about us. Has their ever been a movie made about a Wasp? I don’t think
so, I mean who would watch that?? How boring!!!

So I would like to thank our number one supporter and our number one
triple agent spy, Artie Abrams, I only hope our writer friend from
New Zealand will write me into the script.

In the meantime, I’m busy overtaking A Wasp’s blog, thanks to all
for your support.

Buzzy Bee for President!

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Do I look Worried about Buzzy Bee?

As you can see, I’m pretty relaxed about Buzzy Bee’s upcoming revolution, he may want
it to begin, but beelieve me, when it does he will be sorry he ever came out of that tiny
hive of his, tiny hives make tiny brains.

So I’m just going to relax here, soaking up the sun eating my honey, talking to
my best pals from Glee, having a grand old time, because there is nothing to worry
about, we wasps with our secret lifes will save the humans and the world from
the terror that the bees will try but fail to inflict.

So sit and relax, me and my 350 billion wasp friends will save the world.

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